Contract Administration / Employer's Agent

Our training and skills combined with our methodical approach means we are ideally suited to the roles of Contract Administrator and Employer's Agent.

Whether acting as Contract Administrator under a traditionally procured contract or Employer's Agent in the case of a Design and Build contract, we administer the construction contract ensuring that risks are mitigated, costs controlled, performance is not compromised and all contract conditions are fulfilled to ensure a compliant and successful project outcome.

Fundamentally, our appointment allows the rest of the professional team to focus on the critical area of design unhampered by the requirements of administering the contract. In the case of a Design and Build contract appointing us as Employer's Agent also gives you, the client, continuity as design team members are often novated to the contractor in later stages of the project.

Good administration requires a hands-on, proactive approach to ensure cost effective and timely delivery of projects and we pride ourselves in this service offering. 

  • Preparation of contract documentation
  • Chairing meetings
  • Periodically inspecting the works
  • Reporting progress
  • Checking that the contract requirements have been complied with and, if applicable, that the Contractors Proposals reflect the Employer's Requirements
  • Issuing instructions and administering change control procedures
  • Authorising interim payments and issuing notices
  • Determining applications for extensions of time
  • Closing out defects
  • Certifying the date of completion
  • Settling the final account